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This information is designed to give an overview of the facilities for audience members.


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Safety and Security Seating Layout


We have a comfortable tiered seating system for 283 people. The 14 rows (A-N) are divided into 10 seats each side of the illuminated centre isle steps with an additional 3 seats at the topmost tier (N). Row A is the front row closest to the stage. A seating layout is shown at the bottom of this page.

The front 20 seats can be removed in various combinations to allow wheelchairs to be located on the front row. If you are a wheelchair user, please contact us to arrange for this facility.

A bespoke air handling system (known as the sock) is fitted in the auditorium which monitors air quality and temperatures, automatically adjusting as required. This runs the entire length of the venue and provides natural air ventilation through a sophisticated heat exchange system. This is especially important when outside temperatures are high ensuring a clean supply of air circulation for audience comfort.

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Each event ticket is uniquely barcoded. Tickets will be scanned at the entrance doors and verified instantly to ensure they are valid for the event. Please make sure you have valid tickets ready before you enter the auditorium. If you forget your tickets for any reason, please contact a member of the front of house team. Your ticket will have the row and seat number detailed. You must sit in the allocated seat or if part of a group within the seat range allocated.

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Orchestra Pit

If our orchestra pit is in use during an event you will be notified via our information screens. A safety barrier will be in place in the auditorium to ensure your safety. This will be illuminated by a red light strip across the entire area. We ask you to ensure young children keep clear of the barrier. Theatre ushers will be on hand to assist.

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Special Effects

If the event is planning on using any effects such as smoke, strobe lighting or pyrotechnics we will make you aware prior to entering the auditorium. If you have any concerns, please speak to one of the front of house team.

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Audio Induction Loop

The auditorium has an audio induction loop installed and this can be activated by adjusting a hearing aid to the T position. Please contact front of house staff if you require assistance.

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Toilets are located directly off the main performing arts foyer area.

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Confectionary may be on sale in the main foyer, however during the interval our restaurant will be available for drinks and snacks. It is located at the rear of the auditorium via exit doors A and B. There is a platform lift available for wheelchair users. Please ask if you require this facility.

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The primary parking area when using the theatre is on our rear playground, giving plenty of space and direct access to the venue.

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Safety and security

Emergency Procedures

If we need to evacuate the auditorium for any reason, we will stop the event and a member of the front of house team will present themselves and give clear instruction of the safest route to leave the building. We will ask you to assemble on one of our rear playgrounds by following direction from a front of house usher. Prior to any evacuation, our system will sound a pre-alarm allowing staff to investigate any issue. We ask you to remain seated until you have been asked to leave. Ushers will make a note of the seat location of anyone refusing to leave during an evacuation and fire services will be notified if necessary.


CCTV is present throughout the building and recording for your safety and allows us to monitor the building during event.

Photography / Video Recording

For nearly all events, the taking of photographs or use of video recording equipment is strictly prohibited in the auditorium due to performance copyright laws and child protection. For some events (ie: A presentation evening) you may allowed, however unless this is made clear assume the prohibition is in place. If you are seen to be using unauthorised equipment, you may have the item confiscated or asked to leave the event.

Arriving late to an event

If you arrive after the start of an event, you will be asked to wait until an appropriate point before you can enter the auditorium. This will ensure that you can be safely seated by an usher. On occasions you may be seated in a different location, if this is deemed less of an interruption and safer than ascending the seating steps.

Medical Assistance

If medical assistance is required, please contact a member of our front of house team.

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Seating Layout

Row A is at floor level, rows B-N are accessible via the centre isle steps.
Chairs on Row A can be removed (2 or 3 at a time) to allow wheelchairs locations.

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